It all started with…

LOVE. Our story began when our florist InKyung (a.k.a. ‘Sophie’) fell in love and moved across the pacific from South Korea to Minnesota to be with her now husband. She is an established florist with 15 years of experience, well-versed in many styles ranging from Ikebana, European Classic, European Modern all the way to French natural styles. At the time of immigration, she was working with Let It Bloom, a non-profit social enterprise flower shop set up to train and market the talents of aspiring florists who were homeless. She also was a distinguished trainer who held floral design courses at various corporate and public sector settings including the Blue House (the presidential palace of South Korea).

Coming to Minnesota, after the initial shock of our harsh winters, she fell in love with the budding prairie grasses and the wildflowers of this land. Mesmerized by the resilient beauty of our native plants, when she got her first commission to do the decoration for a graduation ceremony, she adopted the beauty of Minnesota wild grasses and flowers into her accomplished French natural style to create her own Minnesota-inspired Wildflower style.

So we opened for business on January 2018 from our workshop in Columbia Heights, MN and named ourselves Ink ‘N Flower. We said Ink ‘N Flower because Sophie’s passion for watercolors and illustration also caused her to branch out to flower-themed stationaries. We also said Ink ‘N Flower to honor her Korean name, InKyung.

This is only the beginning, and we hope you will be part of our story to celebrate the beauty of this land so that we may honor and cherish it for ourselves and all who may inhabit this land.