Wild design with sophisticated touch


We offer floral arrangements and other flower-themed products for all occasions in a wide array of styles. Our florist is well-versed in variety of styles including but not limited to Ikebana, European Classic, European Modern, French Natural and above all her signature style, the Minnesota-inspired Wildflower Style! Hire us for your weddings, graduations, showers, anniversaries, holidays, funerals and all other life occasion.



Bridal bouquet, boutonniere, centerpiece and others.

Life Events

Graduation, funerals, and anniversaries.

Everyday Flowers

Flowers for you daily life.


Wreath and Seasonal Items

For each season and holidays.

Greeting Cards

Flower-themed greeting cards.


Add texture to your walls. Make a home for your plants


Macramé is an art form of knotting threads into decorative objects originating from 13th century Arab weavers. At Ink ‘N Flower we offer two types of macramé - wall hangers and plant hangers. The wall hangers add texture into bare walls of your space and the plant hangers make a functional yet beautiful way to be flexible about where to place your indoor plants.

All our macramé are knotted by hand with 100% high quality cotton threads. Please be aware that the pots may only be ordered if sales are local. For non-local sales the pots cannot be ordered with the hangers.

Macramé wall hanger 1.jpg
Macramé wall hanger 2.jpg

Fragrance for your space.


A Korean folktale: Once upon a time, there was a master with two students. One day the master gave them a test. They were to buy things with five copper coins with the mission to fill up a whole room with a deadline of one week. Both came back in a week. One student complained because he couldn’t find enough inexpensive things to buy to fill up the room. The other students came with a small container. In the container was a candle, and its light filled up the room. The master was astonished and chose him to inherit the school.

Like the story, our artisan soy candles are carefully crafted to fill your space with light and fragrance. They are made with 100% natural soybean wax with quality essential oils, hand-poured into artfully selected containers that are curated seasonally.

You may ask why soy candles? Candles made from soybean wax burns cleaner with little soot and without any released toxin. They also burn longer, more fragrant and are biodegradable.